We recently released FOAM Tools to help network participants validate data, review reputation and, ultimately, accomplish the work that earns them rewards faster.

FOAM Tools (https://foam.tools)

The FOAM Map has three types of users, explored in further detail here:

  1. Cartographers - users who add points
  2. Challengers - users who challenge points
  3. Voters - users who decide the outcome of challenges

FOAM Tools helps data validators

FOAM Tools is a custom block explorer designed for the Map's Challengers and Voters – the users who meticulously validate data. Reactions from the FOAM community include:

FOAM Tools has been an awesome resource for me so far and I’m looking forward to seeing it continue to grow. – nameloceroom
Thank you guys, you are doing a great job!! – Elvo
its pretty impressive how much the overall map and experience has improved already. – yepyep

Key benefits of FOAM Tools

The short summaries below touch on how user group can interact with FOAM Tools to speed up their activities. A more complete user guide is available on the FOAM blog.

Benefits for Challengers include:

  • Quickly filter for fresh points to review and challenge
  • View a detailed history of each point, including the results of any previous challenges
  • Develop a reputation and review the reputation of other cartographers

Benefits for Voters include:

  • View all challenges you can vote on at a glance
  • Track the winning side as votes are revealed
  • Try earning the most in FOAM Map rewards

We enjoy working with the FOAM team and look forward to continuing work on FOAM Tools with support of the team and a grant with which to further develop the interface. You can learn more about the FOAM project on their website.

If there is a project you think we can help with or you want to get in touch, please email hello@blocklytics.org.