Uniswap returns are hard to understand. Pools.fyi helps liquidity providers understand each and every pool. This advanced tool helps users find the best returns for staking ether and tokens in peer-to-contract dexes.

Stefano and Yannick from Token Economy wrote about Pools in  Issue #109:

Fantastic dashboard released by Blocklytics, showing in depth data on Uniswap liquidity pools and historical returns for liquidity providers (including impermanent losses) by strategy, token, type of trade and even originating smart contract! Absolute gold.

Key features

Compare historical returns for Uniswap pools, based on a selection of strategies.

Compare and search all Uniswap pools, with liquidity, price and trading volume.

Review annualized returns for individual pools, which include an estimate of impermanent loss.

Review a complete and transparent trading history for each pool, including origination platform and other details about each trade.