We developed and maintain a leaderboard for activity on the FOAM Map. The leaderboard helps engage users and recognizes the achievements of top community members.

FOAM Map Leaderboard (https://map.foam.space/leaderboard)

Gamification drives engagement

Leaderboards are a concept borrowed from games and sports. Leaderboards motivate users who are competitive and want to see themselves at the top of the list. Because the FOAM Map is a zero-sum game, there is a natural fit for competitive gamification features.

Building community with social profiles

The leaderboard integrates 3Box social profiles (an optional profile for Ethereum addresses). This builds community where users can learn more about each other and gain social recognition outside of the FOAM platform for their performance on the leaderboard.

Social Profiles & Search feature

More insights for users

The leaderboard also provides more insights into map users. This is not only useful for the FOAM team, but also for the users themselves.

If you're interested in a deeper dive into these insights, see my guest post on the FOAM Blog.

We enjoy working with the FOAM team and participating in one of the first Token Curated Registries. You can learn more about the FOAM project on their website.

If there is a project you think we can help with or you want to get in touch, please email hello@blocklytics.org.