We help the FOAM community maintain its global map by sending daily activity reports. Our email helps users earn tokens while contributing to the network. Here's how it works and where we come in.

The FOAM Map (https://map.foam.space)

Token Curated Mapping

FOAM is an open-source project that aims to put real world locations on the blockchain. Taking the first step in its grand vision, FOAM launched a mapping application as a Token Curated Registry.

Turning an empty map into something useful requires that there are enough points and that those points are relevant and up to date. The map's incentive structure is designed to maintain high quality information without a central entity or moderator, where:

  1. Cartographers have an incentive to add high quality points.
  2. Challengers have an incentive to challenge low quality points.
  3. Voters have an incentive to vote on the winning outcome of a challenge.

If you're interested in a deeper dive into how this is working out, see my guest post on the FOAM blog.

Curation through Discovery

Maintaining a curated map requires these three types of participants to be active, like an ecosystem. Without challengers, poor quality points may bring down the overall quality of the map. Without voters, challengers may remove all points on the map!

The difficulty curating the map is that participants tend to focus on their local area. How can we open up the entire map?

The FOAM Daily Digest

Each morning, we compile and send a daily recap of global activity on the FOAM Map. Participants take a more active role curating without spending time looking for subtle changes across the entire map.

FOAM Daily Digest - February 5, 2019

For previous editions, see our archive.

We enjoy helping the FOAM community and participating in one of the first Token Curated Registries. You can learn more about the FOAM project on their website.

If there is a project you think we can help with or you want to get in touch, please email hello@blocklytics.org.